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I could've used that fire flower last week

by oboreruhito, concerning the matter of Paper Goods


Qwantz presents: How to Make Your Own Totally Sweet Mario Question Blocks and Put Them Up Around Town, Because It's Really Awesome.

"This page is for the question blocks that my friend did at the end of May. He thought that his town of Windsor, Ontario would look a lot cooler if there were question blocks, circa Super Mario Brother 1, around town. I'm putting this up so you can make your own question blocks and put them up around your town too!"

"The high-reaching ones tend to last longer, and more people see them, but the lower they are, the greater the chance that someone will reach up, touch the box, and realize there's a prize inside. You'll make someone's week!"

The boxes do, indeed, have real power-ups inside. See? Photographic evidence.


"My friend made four of these question blocks. The low-reaching set (it was hung on a tree hanging over a sidewalk, just at jumping height) is now gone, and we think that it was the one with the fire flower and the one-up mushroom in it. I hope that the person who picked it up is not a criminal, because it could make things difficult for the police!"

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