Ha ha, awesome.


*Fifteen people are trapped aboard a ship that's going to sink in exactly 20 minutes. Their only chance for survival is the five-person life raft stowed on their vessel. To make matters worse, the waters around the ship are teeming with man-eating sharks, so swiming to safety is out of the question.

A round-trip to the nearest island and back to the boat takes nine minutes on the raft. How many people will live to see dry land...

please answer that


I wonder if Frank made it.


wow its amazing they should exicute order 66 with a lot of clones XD


Awesome find. Its always interesting to find older pictures of the way something will work in the future, and then compare it to what actually ended up being the case.

Wow, that wasn't a question I ever expected my mom to ask. Must be a completely, totally different Katya.

Still a great interview. I usually don't give Beefeater much of a chance, but 24 actually sounds nonboring.

What a delightful read on what goes into my next favorite gin. Classic Beefeater has been my mixing gin for eons. I'm intrigued by 24, all the more so by learning of Payne's care and craft in creating it.


Not that I noticed. But I was getting over a hideous cold and not particularly interested in the beverages.


Katya's Mom just wants to know whether this is the blogger who would know whether gin was served at Fuzzy's wedding in Maine.

Bryana Dunn:

Every doodad is a doohickey. Half of all thingamajigs are doohickeys. Half of all doohickeys are doodads. There are 30 thingamajigs and 20 doodads. No thingamajig is a doodad. How many doohickeys are neither doodads nor thingamajigs?


Even as an insufferable teetotaler, I found this a wonderful read.


whts the answer to i am glass i am superior i am china i am placid pleassseeeeee help


Hanky Panky is an amazing cocktail. One of my personal favourites. My recipe of choice looks something like this.

2 PARTS Beefeater London Dry Gin

2 PARTS Italian vermouth

2 DASH Fernet Branca

SHAKE All ingredients over ice

STRAIN Into a chilled cocktail glass

SQUEEZE A freshly cut orange peel on top

Awesome Video Tutorial on the cocktail: =Hanky%20Panky


I'm sorry, but Zombies deserve the same rights that you and I have - they can't help that they are zombies!!! Freedom and Justice for ALL!!!!


Narconon Arrowhead:

Thanks for sharing. Great post


i love u Celine and keep it going u are the best we all love you*


"opiate of the masses."



You should know that this blog is one of the first sites to come up in a search for the terms, "harvard square" and "crazy people" (I was seeking a couple specific crazies). While I may not have found what I was looking for, I am digging your blog.


this is gay




Oh, you're quite right. I did not read the fine, italic print.

Icarus does not give me great confidence in their products.


i'm pretty sure that the propellant is icarus.


A couple are driving home in the dark when the car breaks down, the husband decided to walk to a petrol station for help that was a few miles back, so he locked all the doors,windows and boot. On his return there was a stranger in the car and his wife was dead,there was no damage to the car at all.what happened?????

James Price:

Yeah I found this out the hard way. The people who work at the Library of Congress were none too nice about setting me straight. Most of the people that work there do not want to be bothered, I think. The people that registered me and got me my car (of which there were three) were super nice. But everyone else is either mean or indifferent. I shouldn't have even gotten the reader ID (which you supposedly need to even read anything at the LOC) because I've yet to be stopped and asked for it, even at the "researcher only" entrance! Weak.


Dear sushiesque - is there any way I can contact you offsite to ask for permission to use one of your photographs?

You can reach me at

Thanks so much, and it's a terrific blog.


Still attracting the crazies, huh? It's nice to know some things never change.


Erin: I just wish I knew what I was up to.

Obo: Why are they on my doorstep?


They're fantasy sports league prizes.


Clearly you are living a double life.


A man and woman go before a preacher in Pennsylvania to be married, but the preacher says,"I can't marry you two." Why?


perhaps we could meet up there for a (possibly very cold) picnic?

1. no; I was with my parents, and they had their own agenda.

2. I couldn't find it, but I didn't look too hard. I do hope it has not been felled.

bonus: there was an unusual quantity of big green snails clinging to little rocks in freakish clumps.

Gabriel Mckee:

Awww, jealous-- I love Harkness. I rather want to go back there sometime soon. Two questions:
1. Did you go to Sarge's? I rather want to go back there, too. (It's where I bought my first Ace Doubles!)
2. Did you see the tree with the boob?

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I'll have pics of the Polyphonic Spree up soon. They took us to church. The band even managed to surpass the Flaming Lips in terms of sheer exhumberance. And surely, I'm not the only person to ever entertain thoughts of marrying you. And we never even met.

El Macho

Forgive me, Christine, for while you would top my (admittedly lengthy) list of brides, I am forever married to my disarming good looks and my uproarious playboy lifestyle. Which reminds me: who're you doing tonight (you get one guess)?

.~El Macho~.


Marry her all you want, but I'm going to sweep her off her feet with this simple bit of clever: _duckylingus_.

And I've got dibs on getting a year's subscription to the OED online for the registry. DOUBLE SNAP!


omg it is way too late for me to be posting this but when I was little in Maine and when my little sisters were just born Mom used to get all excited because the old Maine ladies would come up to us in the strollers and say "a'n't she cunnin! God luvva!" (god is pronounced "gowad" and luvva means "love her") further proof that maine is awesome because it is behind the times.


My grandmother still says "cunnin'" all the time. It's mostly applied to things which are both clever and cute. Squirrels are very cunnin'. Unless they're eating fom the bird feeders.


This is amazing - the OED List Price on Amazon:

List Price: $3,000.00
Price: $895.00
You Save: $2,105.00 (70%)

They make it sound like such a steal. Perhaps it is.


It probably is. But note that it doesn't qualify for free shipping.


There's an Amazon distribution center in Lexington, KY. I'll see if I can pick it up there then I'll drive it up. : ) Shipping costs suck!


Actually, you should demand that the OED be included in your marital partner's dowry. I think that's a pretty good sign of compatibility, at any rate.


Next you're going to say that she should try to contact, ie date, one of the people that wrote an online review of the OED @Amazon. haha

El Macho

Sweet Christine-
I tiled the floor with my 20-volume the other night, just to see. While it is not the most comfortable mattress one could wish for, IT CERTAINLY SERVICES. I hope you're game.

El Macho


A dowry? That's a brilliant idea! I'm going to tell my suitor that he can't marry me unless he brings 3 healthy cows and an embroidered camisole to the deal.

Incidentally, my parents got their gi-normous Unabridged Webster's Dictionary as a wedding present...


that's brill- the OED as a wedding gift. Can you buy it by the volume? That would work well. Folks can buy their favorite letters. *swoon*

I've always like the Someday Cafe- even before I visited it, since it was the name of an album i liked. The wonderfully horrible blue ceiling just cinched it.


I highly endorse the condensed OED. All the words, more shelf space for other books. Be sure you get that magnifying glass, though.


I must be tired; I could've sworn the pages of the book above actually flipped.


Yeah, my compact OED is easily the coolest thing I own. (You mean the microprinted one with nine pages to a page, right?) What it lacks in badass volume it makes up in badass small-printedness, and you get the light-up magnifying glass and the guide to usage. As graduation gifts go, it kicks the crap out of a car.


Not being a coffee (or tea) drinker, I have only had the cookies and brownies at the Someday Cafe, which are sub-par at best. I'd reccomend Diesel across the way there, which has delicious mint brownies AND the best hot chocolate drink I've ever had (namely, the Tuck's Turtle).


Gabe, as I recall, just watching *you* consume one of those turtle things was enough to make me love Diesel.

Someday's great, though -- I can spend $1.85 on a pot of tea that lasts long enough to get some substantial reading done.


Folks, from experience, I would seriously warn against combining one's cunning linguism with relationships. Case In Point #1: Jessamyn said she would marry a man who could beat her at Scrabble. Marriage turned out horribly. Case In Point #2: Evan took to giving me successive volumes of the Dictionary of American Slang for birthday and christmas presents and we broke up and til today I keep wondering wtf is up with American slang after the letter O.

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