Ha ha, awesome.


*Fifteen people are trapped aboard a ship that's going to sink in exactly 20 minutes. Their only chance for survival is the five-person life raft stowed on their vessel. To make matters worse, the waters around the ship are teeming with man-eating sharks, so swiming to safety is out of the question.

A round-trip to the nearest island and back to the boat takes nine minutes on the raft. How many people will live to see dry land...

please answer that


I wonder if Frank made it.


wow its amazing they should exicute order 66 with a lot of clones XD


Awesome find. Its always interesting to find older pictures of the way something will work in the future, and then compare it to what actually ended up being the case.

Wow, that wasn't a question I ever expected my mom to ask. Must be a completely, totally different Katya.

Still a great interview. I usually don't give Beefeater much of a chance, but 24 actually sounds nonboring.

What a delightful read on what goes into my next favorite gin. Classic Beefeater has been my mixing gin for eons. I'm intrigued by 24, all the more so by learning of Payne's care and craft in creating it.


Not that I noticed. But I was getting over a hideous cold and not particularly interested in the beverages.


Katya's Mom just wants to know whether this is the blogger who would know whether gin was served at Fuzzy's wedding in Maine.

Bryana Dunn:

Every doodad is a doohickey. Half of all thingamajigs are doohickeys. Half of all doohickeys are doodads. There are 30 thingamajigs and 20 doodads. No thingamajig is a doodad. How many doohickeys are neither doodads nor thingamajigs?


Even as an insufferable teetotaler, I found this a wonderful read.


whts the answer to i am glass i am superior i am china i am placid pleassseeeeee help


Hanky Panky is an amazing cocktail. One of my personal favourites. My recipe of choice looks something like this.

2 PARTS Beefeater London Dry Gin

2 PARTS Italian vermouth

2 DASH Fernet Branca

SHAKE All ingredients over ice

STRAIN Into a chilled cocktail glass

SQUEEZE A freshly cut orange peel on top

Awesome Video Tutorial on the cocktail: =Hanky%20Panky


I'm sorry, but Zombies deserve the same rights that you and I have - they can't help that they are zombies!!! Freedom and Justice for ALL!!!!


Narconon Arrowhead:

Thanks for sharing. Great post


i love u Celine and keep it going u are the best we all love you*


"opiate of the masses."



You should know that this blog is one of the first sites to come up in a search for the terms, "harvard square" and "crazy people" (I was seeking a couple specific crazies). While I may not have found what I was looking for, I am digging your blog.


this is gay




Oh, you're quite right. I did not read the fine, italic print.

Icarus does not give me great confidence in their products.


i'm pretty sure that the propellant is icarus.


A couple are driving home in the dark when the car breaks down, the husband decided to walk to a petrol station for help that was a few miles back, so he locked all the doors,windows and boot. On his return there was a stranger in the car and his wife was dead,there was no damage to the car at all.what happened?????

James Price:

Yeah I found this out the hard way. The people who work at the Library of Congress were none too nice about setting me straight. Most of the people that work there do not want to be bothered, I think. The people that registered me and got me my car (of which there were three) were super nice. But everyone else is either mean or indifferent. I shouldn't have even gotten the reader ID (which you supposedly need to even read anything at the LOC) because I've yet to be stopped and asked for it, even at the "researcher only" entrance! Weak.


Dear sushiesque - is there any way I can contact you offsite to ask for permission to use one of your photographs?

You can reach me at

Thanks so much, and it's a terrific blog.


Still attracting the crazies, huh? It's nice to know some things never change.


Erin: I just wish I knew what I was up to.

Obo: Why are they on my doorstep?


They're fantasy sports league prizes.


Clearly you are living a double life.


A man and woman go before a preacher in Pennsylvania to be married, but the preacher says,"I can't marry you two." Why?


perhaps we could meet up there for a (possibly very cold) picnic?

1. no; I was with my parents, and they had their own agenda.

2. I couldn't find it, but I didn't look too hard. I do hope it has not been felled.

bonus: there was an unusual quantity of big green snails clinging to little rocks in freakish clumps.

Gabriel Mckee:

Awww, jealous-- I love Harkness. I rather want to go back there sometime soon. Two questions:
1. Did you go to Sarge's? I rather want to go back there, too. (It's where I bought my first Ace Doubles!)
2. Did you see the tree with the boob?

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Aw, if you want looping violins, I think you should give Andrew Bird another listen (I suspect he's who you saw open for the Magnetic Fields; I was absolutely blown away with his performance opening for them at some auditorium at Berklee a few years ago).


nah, the magnetic fields show was ages ago, pre-69 love songs. you can't see them for $8 anymore. :(

I'll check out andrew bird, anyway.

Peter M Allen

this is the drummer from why twist the hair. i enjoyed your review, but i'd like to amend a couple comments.

first, there were, in fact, no "BU girls" in the crowd for our set, that i know of; the flip-flop sporters arrived from Sephora, downtown, where my keyboardist nick does makeup for a living. these were not the only people in attendance--there were: parents, their parents, hipsters, townies, kids from new england conservatory, berklee, and the UMass philosophy/english departments alike. the only person from BU there, to my knowledge, was my girlfriend's roomate's boyfriend, a chemistry major from Nigeria.

--to tell the truth, i was a bit disheartened by your homogenizing this crowd, our friends indeed, under a label that generally conjures up beer-ponging beer-sluts. also, i disagree with people who use the term "BU girls" in reference to this seeming debauchery, as i so often hear it. not all female BU students regularly get ripped at the Kells/Wonderbar, have trust funds, or exhibit whatever behavior you seem to find socially inferior. but if those people, too, want to come to a why twist show, i say all the better. i like flip-flops. that avant-garde music can provoke cheers from such a multifarious crowd, i think, is a testament to non-elitist music appreciation as well as the merits of audience diversity.

second, the term "falsetto" as i know it--that is the technical, musical definition--in no place appeared in our set except for, maybe, during our satirical cover of Thom Yorke's "atoms for peace," a song we thought would also be humorous to play considering it's release date is sometime in july. i, personally, would not be so quick to identify our music under the label of mr. yorke's signature sound (although this is a good sound, and i like it). but this is your blog. so i'll try taking it as a compliment, though its use was clearly perjorative.

also, i was the one who yelled "boo wal-mart!" refering to the latest Harper's, although "fuck wal-mart" is probably what i intended to say. thanks for clearing that up.

i do appreciate your support of music in discussing this concert. and final fantasy was indeed a marvel. but i hope your future public publishings consider/hesitate before launching into an all-out assault, ad-hominem, on local musicians and their audiences. integrity in music journalism is important. treating the "other"--be it BU hootch or whatever--with respect regardless, is important. so let's try and keep the entertainment industry relatively free of stereotyping.




1. I never said "beer sluts"

2. I certainly never said "journalism"

3. I think I came in during the thom yorkeness, which is probably why I got the impression that I did

4. for the record, your set was fun, and your audience was probably the most good-natured I've seen at TT's, ever; a guy even *asked* if he was blocking my view

5. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your response, especially considering I wasn't being terribly thoughtful myself

6. rock on


Wow, I see nothing resembling "an all-out assault, ad-hominem, on local musicians and their audiences" -- just an honest assessment from someone unfamiliar with the band. Chill out, WhytwisttheHair. All links are good links.


...and Ezra: when I woke up this morning I suddenly remembered that the band I saw at the Magnetic Fields show was Olive Grain, who were (are?) pretty cool.

Peter M Allen

yes, Gwynne, that part was admittedly hyperbolic, but merely represents my own, personal "honest assessment" of the above critical review. all links are certainly good links, but mine will inform others' when they link stereotypes to our spectacle, because we don't want that.

thanks, Christine, for your apology.


Christine, I demand that all future music reviews on this site contain only the most vicious of sterotypes.


dang, yo.




Aw darn, I'm sorry this thread has died. I really wanted to see the post where the band boy explains why he has the right to get snitty with your completely inappropriate personal observations via his own completely appropriate personal observations. Can you please review them a second time if you ever get the chance?


"Posted by: Peter M Allen | 26 June 2006 at 05:15 PM"

dude why you got to dis my birthday #25 like dat yo

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